Have you purchased one of our extension and got some problems or questions of technical nature?

Don't worry, contact our technical support at Don't forget to specify name of the extension purchased, the Paypal transaction id, if possibile attach our log file, a screenshot of the configuration section and of the error you got.

Our log files are located in the Magento folder var/log with a name clearly attributable to the extension. If you can't find the log, you may solve enabling the Magento log configuration (System -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Developer -> Log Settings -> Enable). If it was disabled, then please enable it and repeat the operations that generate the error.

If is possible, attach to your support request PHP errors log (each system maybe configured with some differences but in most cases you will find this log in /var/log/apache2/error.log).

Don't forget that the most the support request is accurate and precise the faster will be the problem resolution.